About Me

My name is Joana Ferreira, I’m 29 years old, almost 30. I’m a Portuguese girl, currently living in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, for almost 2 years.


I have always been the person to whom all my friends turned to a friend’s shoulder and advice, I have always had an extreme pleasure in listening to others and the truth is that I have always known that my advice was, in a way, extremely wise and truthful.

I am a Nature lover and everything that composes it.
I’m easily hurt by the harsh realities of life, and I tend to defend those who can not defend themselves. I can not stand injustice and I have great difficulty understanding cruel minds, however, I’m working on that.

I am easily affected by the energies around me, so, I had to learn to distinguish my own energies from the ones that I attract to me due to my empathy.

I am a spiritual being who wants to change the world we live in.

Too ambitious? Do I live in a fantasy world? Yes, no doubt.
I am fully aware that changing the whole world is impossible, at least for now.
However, all the seed when nourished becomes something wonderful.

I see a lot of humans on the same path as me, each trying to make this world a better place in its own way, and I will do the same, but in my own way.

The spirit world has changed my life to 360 degrees.

Not so long ago I was a girl with no direction at all, I had no idea about what my purpose in life was, and I literally had no idea of how could I contribute to making this world a better place.

Today, I know EXACTLY what I want and how to do it, and most importantly, I surely know WHO I REALLY AM.
I became a totally different person. And I owe this transformation to the Spiritual world and its teachings.

Today I can deal better with my anxiety, the constant need of love and approval from others, with my insecurities, and I finally have a purpose in my life.
This purpose brightens and nourishes my spirit and my body every day, and since then my greatest focus became my own personal and spiritual growth while helping others in their journey as well.

From the moment I dedicate my life, to my path to evolution, I have gained a new meaning for my life, totally fresh and renewed.

I believe we all have this purpose, to evolve and become our best version, EVERY DAY, until our last breath.

And that’s what I’m here for; to share this journey of mine with you and to help you on your journey as well.

A huge thank you for taking this time to meet me.
Much love and light for you beautiful soul.